Our Philosophy on Copywriting and Website Design

The old saying is that the “First impression is the last impression.” Do you really want to take the risk of having someone visit your website and get the impression that your organization is outdated and behind the times? It may very well be the only chance you get with them and the content and

Differences in Processing Data in Client/Server vs. Web-Based Applications

This article was written many years ago, before AJAX became a buzzword and any of the JavaScript libraries such as Prototype, jQuery or Mootools had sprung up. Originally, this was an email that I sent to some co-workers, explaining to them why (at the time) we couldn't make our web app work like a

Alphabet Soup: A Web Designer’s Journey to Standards and Accessibility

by Randal Rust, R.Squared Communications This article is a companion piece to a presentation given to the Central Ohio Macromedia User Group on Wednesday, March 20th, 2002. I was first exposed to computer programming when I was in the sixth grade. I attended a Saturday-morning class that taught BASIC. I hated it. I have always

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