Web design, web development, search engine optimization and search engine marketing right next door in Dublin, Ohio.

Looking for someone to build your new website, relaunch your old one, or help you create an online marketing strategy?

Then you’ve come to the right place. R.Squared Communications is a full-service web design, development and marketing company located in Dublin, Ohio. We specialize in the design and development of websites that work for you, as a 24/7 salesperson. We build them to work for you every minute of the day promoting your brand, generating leads and making sales. We call it the 24/7 Website.

Did you know that, depending on what business you are in, your website may get 30-40% of its traffic between 10PM and 2AM? Who’s selling your products, marketing your services and building your brand during those hours?

Your website, that’s who.

What is the 24/7 website?

It’s a responsive, search-engine optimized site that allows you to answer questions even when you are in bed.

It works for you just like a salesperson would, by being there when you can’t, and answers questions at the customer’s convenience. It makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for on your site. It’s search engine friendly. It’s search engine optimized. And it lays the groundwork for a full-blown search engine marketing campaign.

Why do you need it?

Because you need to pass the first interview.

When someone has decided to come to your website, they have already done a lot of searching on Google or Yahoo!, and they’ve chosen to click on your link. So the page they land on had better give them the information they are looking for.

Everyone knows that if someone gets frustrated when visiting website they’ll leave and won’t come back. But when you start treating that visitor as a customer, you realize that those people leaving your site are lost leads and lost sales.

In essence, the first time someone comes to your website to learn about your products, service or company it is an interview. Don’t let your website fail. Build it to succeed and pass the interview.

How do you get it?

Pick up the phone today and call us at 614-370-0036 or email us to schedule a free consultation. We’ll talk about your goals for your website, and work up a proposal for making your website something remarkable.

About R.Squared Communications

We are a small web development company located in Dublin, Ohio. We work with clients throughout Ohio, including Cincinnati, Columbus, Marysville, West Liberty, Upper Arlington, Urbana, Sprinfield and right here in Dublin.